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Sunday, August 12, 2018

WW2 Classic Movie That Still Thrills Fifty Years After It's Making: "Where Eagles Dare"

Hohenwerfen Castle near Salzburg, Austria was the fictional setting for the Schloss-Adler (Castle of Eagles) in the 1968 film Where Eagles Dare.

It has been near fifty years since the release  of the movie by the same name as Alistair MaClean's book starring Richard Burton, Clint Eastwood, Mary Ure, and Ingrid Pitt. H/T to reader Dale in Ohio for sending this link to the uber kool movie from War History Online.


  1. Eagles might have dared the ascent to Ingrid's cleavage.

  2. Awesome, the fight on top of the cable car was the best !!!

  3. Broadsword calling Danny Boy..........

    My wife and I both love that movie..........

  4. One should know Alistor Maclean (I think i spelled that right)actually wrote the screenplay before he wrote the book

    1. I think you are correct JB. It is also one of my wife's favorite movies too taminator013. My favorite scene is a toss up between the bar scene at "Zum Wilden Hilsche", the "revealing" in the great room with the massive fireplace where the SS Col. and the WH General along with that SS witch are shot, the MP40 (Clint Eastwood firing one in each hand)-MG42-Grenade scene in the corridor,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,all hell, I like them all. LOL It is a great film. "Broadsword calling Danny boy, over"

  5. I watched "Where Eagles Dare" a week or two ago on the classic movie channel when it featured a Clint Eastwood weekend.

  6. It was a great movie but the helicopter scene spoiled things. They needed to invest a few more bucks
    for a competant technical advisor. I also loved the classic film the Dirty Dozen. Back in the 90s
    (I think) there was a TV series based on the movie. In one scene, a Nazi commander had an IBM PC
    on his desk! I blew a couple of ounces of beer out of my nose on that one.

  7. Always Loved that movie. It is a definite stop flipping channels and watch movie. The Cable car Fight and the Jump from it into the river. Germany did have experimental Helicopters so it is not so farfetched in 1944 when the movie is set Operational use I doubt it. We used them for SAR in the pacific late in the war.

  8. Saw Iron Maiden play this weeekend. The second song up was 'Where Eagles Dare'.


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