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Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Sounds about right

                                                               How they stole your future one hundred years ago.

I first saw this at Chief Nosewetter's


  1. Funny you should run a item on false flag and scripted media… Growing up in SE Florida in the 50s & 60s, I would listen to AM radio to stations all over the Caribbean and the Bahamas, some even in daytime. The Bahamas, at the time being part of the British Empire, carried the BBC for their news programming. On it, I would hear all sorts of stories about events occurring in the United States, greater than 90% of the time with much more content which was factual and evenly balanced versus that seen/heard/read in our Domestic media. This got me hooked on listening to broadcasts on Shortwave when I could afford to purchase a receiver from my meager (lawn mowing) funds. News from overseas wasn’t biased or slanted to ‘shape public opinion’ in most cases.

    Fast forward to 1982. I had stopped over in Coconut Grove, visiting a friend of mine who was the Dock Master at a local boatyard. He wanted to show me a [famous] sailboat that I might recognize: The Wyntje. A very unpretentious 64-foot two-masted vessel owned by Walter Cronkite. After about ten minutes, old Walter came wondering up after having dinner nearby. He was a tad tipsy, but quite friendly. We talked for a few minutes and I asked him: Did he miss presenting the news every day? Mr. Cronkite’s reply was a bit cryptic at the time, but makes perfect sense now….. He said: “He didn’t have the stomach for any longer!”

    This tells me our domestic news has been altered and twisted to almost qualify as Physiological Warfare, SINCE AT LEAST THE 1960’s.


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