Tuesday, May 22, 2018

It is true that very few people in this country are buying what the "Gun Grabbers" are selling, but.......

I am sure most here are aware of Representative David Cicilline's anti-Second Amendment bill introduced back in February (aka "assault weapons ban 2018" guns are listed by make, model, caliber, etc). If not, check it out HERE and forward it to any and everyone who enjoys exercising their Second Amendment rights, Liberty, and Freedom. I do fail to understand someone who attempts to rationalize the fact that it is  "OK" to blast someone with an AR15 using a ten round magazine, but not "OK" when using a 30 round magazine (the same for pistols using six round magazines, shotguns, etc.) The author of the video below puts the truth and tactics about "gun control" into the simplest of terms. Anyone who cannot see through the deception shrouded under the blanket of "gun control" is either mentally impaired or they are feigning ignorance to camouflage an agenda which could never be effectuated upon an armed populace. Take notes. There will be a quiz in the near future.

Deo Vindice


  1. I'm old, tired and cranky.
    Fuck these assholes, every fucking one of 'em.
    I don't give a shit what laws they pass anymore.
    If you want 'em, come and fuckin' get 'em.
    I'm done playing the games.

    1. Hi Irish,
      What Phil said....
      Also, it might behove some of these anti-gun idiots to read Mike Vanderboegh's "Absolved" especially the chapter's about "Phil Gordon' and "Charlie Kintard."
      Got Gunz......OUTLAW!!!!!!!,

  2. I am tired of hearing this "broken record" too Phil. I think a lot of people are. I don't worry about the Second Amendment/gun ownership too much at present. There are more than enough firearms in the hands of "real Americans" who are capable of keeping things in check. It is the politically indoctrinated idiots below 45 years old who worry me. I do not worry so much for my sake. My concerns are for the younger ones such as my kids, grandchildren, loved ones, kin and kith, etc.


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