Friday, April 6, 2018

A Beautiful Morning

I've been hunting this bird off and on since turkey season opened last Saturday. He gobbles pretty good some mornings on the roost, but once he flies down and gets with hens, he goes silent for the most part only rarely answering a crow or owl. I noticed that he will not answer a long owl call ("who cooks for you, who cooks for you all"), but he will answer a single owl ("whhooooaahhhh" as in the video). I have heard six gobblers at this spot on Easter morning and have had some great hunts. Today a front was moving through and I heard zero gobbles at daylight. About 6:45 this morning there was some distant lightning and a big boom of thunder. This old bird gobbled at the thunder as many will. I "got on him" a little after seven and stayed close until about ten. He had two or three lady friends with him and my options were limited. I did manage to get pretty close and a time or two thought I was going to call his hens my way hoping he would follow. The hens around here are as vocal as I have heard them in my life this season. Anyhow here is a snipit of how I have spent nearly every April morning for the last twenty-five years. Turn your volume up as he is a long way from me at the time I filmed this.


  1. If there are no other hunters about, try a gobble call. He may come out to defend his harem

  2. Where the hell did that turkey take gobble lessons. He sounded more like a Hollywood turkey ... LOL. Have a good hunt out there Jeffery.

    1. Thanks Odie and Anon is right. Sometimes they will gobble at a gobble call, but I'm reluctant to do that on public lands for the obvious. LOL! Years ago I found a gobbler one morning and called him towards me, but then "hung up" just out of range. I was young and impatient and carried every call to to God and WalMart including a gobble tube. For some reason or another I couldn't stand it and shook the gobble tube at him. This was like the third week of the season. I suppose he was a two year old and had his ass kicked around all that spring by more mature gobblers. I never heard him again that day or any other day that season.


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