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Sunday, March 11, 2018

Costco Selling Doomsday Prepper Meal Kits: $6,000 Feeds A Family Of 4 An Entire Year

                                                              Costco's most expensive emergency food kit

I cannot say if this is a good deal or how the food tastes, etc., but I found it interesting that a "big box store" is going mainstream with a marketing plan whose target is people who might be interested in planning for very tough times.  If I did the math correctly, the price comes to about $1.37 per meal. It could be Costco needs to rethink their marketing strategy here. Instead of marketing to the post-apocalyptic crowd, they could market to the busy young family of four as "ONE AND DONE". No more going to the supermarket. No more standing in line. Simply have a years worth of food delivered (this package includes free shipping) to your doorstep and you and your family are set for an entire year!

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  1. Costco has commented that it's been an extremely popular item. Customers have really enjoyed finally being able to buy such a small amount of groceries as compared to previously where an entire truckload was the minimum...

  2. If you are anyone on here have sampled this food, I'd be very interested in hearing a review. I have not.

  3. A decade ago they sold a 6 pack of #10 cans of freeze dried fruits. It was $97 for the box.

    I opened a couple of cans because I like dried fruit in the morning oatmeal. It was good, nice color, good flavor and not the tiny bits and sweepings of some other brands. They also had a freeze dried veggy pack. I bought a couple but only ever opened a can of corn. It was good too.

    Now about 5 years ago they started selling meals as well but when I checked it had no meat, all TVP. A lot of year packs you find are TVP in place of meat. I won't buy TVP.


  4. Am I correct that the price is about $10 a can?

  5. That is the way I figured it. There are six number 10 cans per box/case. The boxes weigh 8-36 lbs each.

  6. They also sell 5g buckets with 30meals. Freeze dried a/no meat. It ain't haute cuisine, more like my Mom usedtomake. Oh, yeah, my Mom couldn't cook.


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