Thursday, February 22, 2018

Think about the powerful message this photo/meme conveys. Then, pass it along to your friends and any silly bastards who support gun control of any kind.


  1. I take NEVER AGAIN very seriously.

  2. This photo is even more powerful that many who post it think.

    Look how many guns the Nazis have. Look carefully.

    When your population has zero guns, a couple officers with sidearms directing troops with truncheons is enough to load the cars.

  3. History has a nasty habit of repeating itself every few generations.

    This is especially true when the naive and/or fanatical segments erase [actual] history that they find "distasteful" from being taught to future generations. Then as some point in their not too distant future, without history to be a moral compass, evil (& deranged) individuals and groups commit the same acts of violence (local level) and genocide (national level) all over again. The technology evolves, but the evil continues.

    We are overdue for the next round...


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