Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Conditions in New Orleans Are Really Improving Since "Symbols" of Racism Have Been Removed (Not)

Two Boston tourists were brutally beaten and robbed by a gang of "didndunuffins" as they were walking in the French Quarter around 9 P.M. on Saturday. Closed circuit surveillance cameras recorded the savage beating that left the two Boston men unconscious. After knocking the men out the gang can be seen pilfering through the victim's pockets and taking their cellphones and wallets. 


I am sure Demokratic Mayor Mitch Landrieu will blame Confederate Monuments for this ferocious attack by these feral savages. 



For some reason the foxnews links don't work no matter what I have tried.

here is the URL to the story


  1. Nuke the site from orbit... it's the only way to be sure.


  2. Tourists from Boston? No concealed carry, no awareness, no hint of danger. And now? No watches, phones or wallets.
    If you are not prepared, stay in your safe liberal enclave up in Bean Town. Don't wander out into reality.

  3. Hi Irish,
    Haven't seen an "Official" report but someone commented last evening on FB that the Critically injured man died!! Now that up's the ante to "Murder!!" If andwhen caught, I wonder if the charges would stick??

  4. Miz Kelly recorded this song just prior to Hurricane Katrina. Kinda prophetic. Oh, and she's a lovely lady to meet in person.


  5. Irish, your URL worked for me, and I ran across this one, too:


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