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Thursday, May 4, 2017

UPDATE: I guess the devil made her do it

Twenty-four year old Emily Lowery told ABC 33/40 "after thoughtful prayer and a night of thinking she knew smashing the window wasn't a good idea, but did it anyway.

Updated STORY 

Some of the comments from this story are hilarious!


  1. Hi Irish,
    All she did was the windshield and sunroof. she left out the taking a key to the paint job, a baseball bat to the head lights, slashing his tires and carving her initials into his "Leather seats!!!" Oh I forgot, the vehicle is a what looks to be and "Imported Sedan".... not an "American Pick up Truck!!" No "Country Song" here, everybody just move along!!!
    Got "COUNTRY"!!!!!!!!OUTLAW,

  2. That story reminded me of this gem:


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