Thursday, February 9, 2017

Link O'rama... Keeping Tabs On Things.....

compiled and submitted by AFOI
** LONG.  READ IT.  If you only read ONE of the links in this set, make it this one.  This one needs
to go viral.
** Because it's the Left - the one that coddles and nurtures every lower emotion, whether lust, or
envy, etc.  Related:
** And remember THIS model exemplar of tolerance:
** READ. IT. ALL.  And some of the text is quoted from the "colorful" piece here:
** Salty language, but appropriate.  Quote: "Donald Trump getting the White House was, to the modern day Left in this
country, the exact same as Abraham Lincoln getting the White House in 1860 was to the Southern States. We are, make no
mistake, in a Civil War. Fort Sumter is past, folks. Seriously. Wake the fuck up already."
>> These people are out, risking harm, to FIGHT for what they want.  They are True Believers.  SO FAR they have not
encountered much resistance.  That will change; as people on the Right grasp that they're GOING to get a beatdown
when these ANTIFA people show up, they'll proactively start shooting.  And then ANTIFAs will arm up.
** EXCELLENT essay showing the absolute impenetrability of the Left to information that doesn't match
what they already believe.
** Because people make decisions EMOTIONALLY, and once a decision has been so made, once
a conclusion has been arrived at through emotions, facts have a very hard time getting through.
On that:
** Lies get around the world, people react emotionally.
** TRULY SUICIDAL.  Somewhat related:
** We're drugging and entertaining our way to cultural collapse.  

** Doubtless the "right people" are saying he asked for it.
** Decades, plural?  I'm thinking just years.

** This is why the whole "fake news" meme is so critical; people being indoctrinated into culthood
MUST be insulated from anything that might shatter the belief system that is being built within
their minds.
** The Left aims at our children.  Remember, they have a LONG GAME plan.  On that:
** Red-voter areas are targeted for this.  Remember, the Left has a LONG GAME to create a permanent
Left-voting majority.
** Title: Finnish lady describes the Muslim violence, they brag of attacks.
>> But heaven forbid we learn from what's happened overseas.
** Read it all - critical points about the nature of the Left and their vision.  And the bubble-world in which
they live.
** They go after the young, with outright falsehoods.

** The difference between "D" and "R".
** OF COURSE they don't want to inconvenience / endanger themselves.
** DEMOCRATS in their own words say the same things as Trump does about illegal aliens.  Yet
there was no outrage.  WHY?  Simple.  Nobody believed they were actually going to do anything.
** Obama's treason ran even deeper than I, already distrusting him, suspected.  This is a calamity.
** Media chatterati talking about how stupid they look.  Oh, wait, "D".  Nevermind.
** Racism.  Oh, wait, the "right" kind of racism.  Nevermind.
** Democrats and empty chairs.
** So tell me again why anyone SHOULD trust you, whore-nalists?
** Comparisons.  Verdict: true.
** Committing the crimes Americans won't do.
** Stalin's tactics on today's Left.
** Nice, and has a citation to the actual law.

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