Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Link O'rama..Keeping Tabs On Things....

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** AFDI at the march.  Note how IGNORANT people are about the nature of Islam and
Sharia Law... and either DO NOT CARE, or are utterly arrogant to think they really
DO understand it.
** Of COURSE they're not willing to defend the uniqueness of our Republic; they've been taught to despise it
** Look, I'm all for organ donation.  But it should not be mandatory, and this only incentivizes
** It's called FALSE FLAGS.  The Islamists specialize in it.  

** But... but... but Jews are building buildings in a land where they've lived, continuously, for millennia.
** Student jailed for handing out copies of the Constitution without permission.  I don't even
have words for this... well, I do, but they're not printable.
** Swedish politicians need to start meeting with... "accidents"... IMHO.
** I ddon't blame China for doing this... but what are we doing to counter it?
** VERY creepy.  Because they've NEVER discussed this at any other time.  Almost as if they're trying to incite someone to do it.  More:
** Quote: "First, in the history of the nation, there is no historical precedent for even raising this question beyond academic concerns or
Hollywood movies. It's simply not a relevant question. Second, imagine
if a major news media organization had raised this same question in 2009 upon the inauguration of Barack Obama. The narrative would have been
that those racist conservatives were calling for the assassination
of the newly elected president because he was black."
** Quote: "No battle was ever won by curling into a fetal ball and pleading for mercy-and no conservative cause was ever advanced by being
polite to Leftists. To paraphrase Lincoln's crack about McLellan and
the Army of the Potomac: if you don't propose to do anything with the election victories we keep handing you, we'd like to borrow them for a
>> YES!!!!!!
** Of COURSE they're not willing to defend the uniqueness of our Republic; they've been taught to despise it in
** And then they wonder why Trump gets so much support.
** Quote: "It's almost like they're hiding something."
>> "Almost."
** Well, they ARE next to the ex-USSR.
** If the parties were flipped it'd be 24/7 screaming about INSIDERS and NEPOTISM.
** Funny how they all use the same terminology.  Just like there's some list of journalists coordinating
their attacks.  We could refer to it as the "Journolist".
** You CANNOT create a utopia without first destroying the prior structure.
** The face of the Left.
** First, note the mentality - as the article observes, it's the same one that "permitted" people to attack Ivanka who
was with her children.  It's the same mentality that has permitted people to attack Trump's ten-year old son Barron
on twitter.  But here's the critical quote: "But this is the result of eight years of unchecked leftism which
believes it is superior and right about every issue, the science is settled, the debate is over, and anyone who
isn't in agreement is lower than pond scum and thus someone who can be abused. They actually believe this, ...
[e]ventually they begin to see their opponents as non-humans. This is a dangerous trend."
>> And if Trump actually succeeds, it will get worse, as they see the SUCCESSFUL pushback on their socialist dreams.  Related:
** Quote: "Today's Hard Left isn't that of the 70's: there are a lot fewer real hardcases among 'em, and a lot more pampered brats used to
pushing as hard as possible right up until things get too difficult or
uncomfortable for them, at which point they fold up like a cheap accordion and slink home to Mommy."
** Quote: "To make any sense of this at all, it is necessary to keep in mind that to moonbats, hijabs are not a symbol of Islam and the brutal
enslavement of women that it entails, so much as they represent
siding with the enemy for no other reason than because it is the enemy."
>> The enemy of America.  Except if America falls to Islam, all these precious snowflake women will suddenly find
themselves sex slaves... and will be totally unable to grasp how it happened.
** Pretty much.  Hard to see how Trump has "degraded" the image of women when they do it to themselves en masse.
** As many point out, Barackus' press secretaries were never asked to make this promise.
** A great quote.  And this sickens me:
** And Kristol gets pasted!  Good.
** Michael Moore... and doubtless the feminists are just applauding.  Gag me.

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  1. "Look, I'm all for organ donation. But it should not be mandatory, and this only incentivizes euthanasia."

    Larry Niven's Known Space sci-fi features that. After transplantation surgery for everything became commonplace(organs, limbs, etc), capital punishment meant getting shipped to a chop shop and parted out like an old car. Then everything became a capital offense - even jaywalking.


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