Friday, January 6, 2017

Link O'rama.... Keeping Tabs on Things....

 Compiled and submitted by AFOI
** MUST READ.  Quote: "As American society grows less literate and the state of its
moral education declines, the American people grow less able to engage their government
as intellectually and morally prepared citizens. We are in the process - late in the
process, I'm afraid - of reverting from citizens to subjects. Subjects are led by their
emotions, mainly terror and greed."
>> Call me conspiracy type, but IMHO I can easily conclude that we're being PREPARED for
a monarchy - or at least a rule of the "Philosopher Kings".
** "Petty" is too generous a word for this POS.
** Get out of the UN, yes.  But first, it needs to be defanged.  Related:
** Remember, the Left has a LONG GAME PLAN, and it includes planting things like this for their
presstitutes to then use to attack.
** How about deporting him to Mexico... from 10,000 feet without a parachute?     


** A country that won't protect its children is in terminal decline.
** That the election was "hacked" is REALLY the fake news.
** Let me just propose imaging the outrage if someone did the same to Sarah Silverman's (theoretical) book.
** Obama.  Making stuff up to suit his needs since before he ran for President.
** There are people, all over, looking to unravel this technological marvel people want
to built.
** HOW MANY TIMES DOES IT HAVE TO FAIL before people "get it"?
** Deranged.  Utterly deranged.

** Trying to please your enemies does not make them your friends.  More:

** OUCH.  That'll leave a mark.
** Quote: "There's also a lesson for social conservatives. They have lost every battle in the culture wars because although the social
radicals always were a tiny minority they were focused, intolerant and completely bloody-minded. Social conservatives assumed they were
dealing with people who were essentially reasonable and open to compromise. A fatal mistake."
>> Precisely.  They're MISSIONARIES.  So we have to be steely-eyed warriors in reply.
** Quote: "If the murderers aren't executed, I expect the next ones won't escape with merely having their shops destroyed. Europeans have lost
all confidence in the willingness of their governments to provide them with either protection or justice. And they are gradually beginning to
understand that no amount of tolerance will bring peace now that diversity is upon them."
** Nice charts.
** I wonder what these "hook up culture" girls would say if they really grasped they would be deprived of
their clitoris.
** Parents pay to send their children to places that teach their children to hate them.
** You could shake the hand of someone, who then goes on to murder, and you could be in BIG TROUBLE.
** A culture, indeed an entire civilization, determined to kill itself rather than admit some cultures are better than others.
** Quote: "America is expected to appease jihadist regimes and Islamic thugs, and be obedient out of fear. Nothing,
however, will ever appease jihadists but the conquest and subjugation of infidel nations (the House of War) and the
obliteration of Israel."  Related:
** Quote: "Funny how liberals, who complained for 8 years about Republicans supposedly obstructing President
Obama's policies, now DEMAND that Congress be obstructive."
>> It's because they are good and noble people fighting the Right, who is unremittingly evil.
** Hey, Democrats, look what happens when you level the forest of laws and protections in your pursuit
of "The Devil"... because the Devil can turn on you, and then where will you hide?
** Yet, doubtless, the original writer will STILL vote for the person farthest LEFT because, you know, it hasn't REALLY been tried yet.
** Title: Real Housewives of ISIS - BBC 2 Revolting Episode 1
** Goebbels was right: repeat something often enough, people believe it.
** Very long, very in-depth interview with a climate change skeptic.
** It's about REVENUE, and it's about CONTROL, and it's about SURVEILLANCE.
** They understand: indoctrinate the kids, wait for the old Conservatives to die off.  They have a plan that spans decades if not centuries.
** The problem is... liberals leave these states, but then vote for the same political party that enacted them
in their new home.  Thus demonstrating that they do not learn that their actions have consequences.
** Quote: "The New York Times saw Glenn Thrush collaborating behind the scenes with the Clinton campaign and
they hired him away from the Politico..."
>> For the New York Times-Traitor, being unethical in the service of attacking Republicans is a feature.
** I knew there's a lot of money wired to Mexico, let alone transferred by other means like illegal tax
refunds to people who shouldn't get them.  I didn't realize it was THIS much.

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