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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

CCW Saves the Day! Passerby Shoots and Kills Motorist Beating Deputy

I bet the deputy could have cared less if the the "passerby" had a permit or not. I bet he was happy the guy was there, had a gun, and used it! This began as a high speed chase with the the deputy finally stopping the reckless vehicle on the exit ramp. That driver got out, drug the deputy from his car, and proceeded to savagely beat him according to witnesses. After seeing a man atop a Lee County Florida deputy, a motorist exited his car, drew his gun, told the man to stop beating the deputy or he would shoot. The man would not stop and the deputy was screaming for the motorist to shoot. He shot the man three times killing him. One article I read stated the man doing the beating was armed as well, but did not draw his weapon.

More on this story HERE.

H/T to "Bushwhacker Bob" in KY


  1. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

  2. This is why the crime rate in Florida has dropped so severely since CCW was passed.

    The very fair and impartial reporting is a nice change from what we are seeing elsewhere in the nation.


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