Tuesday, October 25, 2016

10/22 Magazines and Loaders... Any In-put?

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  1. Ruger OEM. Butlercreek maybe. Rugers love OEM. i have the take down with several extended mags the OEM seem to run best.

  2. Ruger has a way of building their guns so they will only work properly with Ruger magazines. No aftermarket magazine maker can claim reliability. Don't know about loaders.

  3. this works for me...

    Haven't see on of these in the field...


  4. I bought a clamp that holds three standard Ruger 10 shot mags. It works well. You just have to remove it and rotate it every ten shots.

  5. I haven't seen the Lightning loader yet, I'll get one when I do.
    I have several of the HotLips magazines and have never had any trouble with them. I use the HotlLips rotary magazine loader, very similar to the Lightning. It's a God send.
    Now would be a very good time to get several.


    1. I just ordered one of those loaders and some BX-25s :)

  6. OEMs of course. And BX-25s from CTD have worked for me. https://www.cheaperthandirt.com/product/ruger-bx-25-magazine-22-lr-25-round-polymer-black-90361-736676903610.do?sortby=ourPicks&refType=&from=fn

  7. yes BX-25s and nothing with red plastic lips!! Steel lips only!

  8. The Bx-25s are good, although several I own needed to be broken in before they became reliable. I've used Butler Creek mags for many years, and usually they are reliable, but the plastic lips do wear down eventually and start to fail. I've never bought the steel lip version, but it should be excellent and stay reliable. The Bx-25s are about the same price, so I won't get the steel-lipped BC mags unless they go on sale somewhere.

    The Bx-25s come in a 50-round double mag style -built together, sharing one side, so they cannot be separated. Midway has them on sale (now, I think) for just a couple of bucks more than the singles. The double mag comes with a cover for the exposed magazine opening, so the mag and ammo stays clean while you are shooting the other "half". I've been very pleased with those, so far. They will disassemble for cleaning just as the single Bx-25s will.

  9. I agree 100% with Reg T’s comments on both Ruger and Butler Creek offerings. I have several BC’s, they are OK, but Ruger shines. Yes, you got to break them in. But, you if you assume that ahead of time, no issues.

    A few thoughts on the larger brands available:

    Ruger OEM - The benchmark for quality and performance.
    Butler Creek - can be found for as low as $12.
    ProMag - is cheaper, but you get what you pay for! I have never been happy with ANY ProMag product so far.
    Champion - No experience with them.

    Looked at a few prices, the OEM is higher, double at most places, but consider it an investment and spend the extra for the quality.
    Regular $29.99 (Buyer's Club $26.99)


    1. Champion is a low cost rip off of butler creek. Almost as bad as eagle mags.

  10. Ruger OEM work great, butler creek Steel lip mags are fairly reliable, and I have heard good things about the adjustable black dog magazines.

    I use ruger OEM ( 10, 15, and 25 round magazines) to test customer guns that are having feed issues, if the run factory mags then I try butler creek Steel lip and Hot Lip (red polymer) mags.

    Avoid pro mag and eagle mag, never seen either company produce a decent mag.

    J. Simmons
    Gunsmith in Mesa AZ.


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