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Thursday, September 8, 2016

Compairing US And Russian Technology Advances.....


  1. Once again America faces a technological challenge. This one is called "The Vodka Gap" and if we don't make an effort to address this important shortcoming our nation is ... sober.

  2. The one thing the Soviets got right was cheap and abundant vodka. The entire nation went on
    a 70 year bender starting the moment the Czar was overthrown.

    But speaking of technology, I heard an old story about the USSR sending some tiny precision coil
    spring to America in order to show off their technological prowess. Our engineers straightened
    it out, drilled a hole down the middle, formed it back into a coil and sent it back!

    We always had the edge! They were buying 1mhz 6502 Apple computers at New York dealerships,
    and putting them in diplomatic pouches for use as fire control computers in their piece of
    crap tanks. They were even bribing airport workers in Paris for scraps of SST tires. They
    needed to steal the chemical composition or their SST would not work. The piece of crap
    crashed anyway! Our tanks could hit theirs at 1-1/2 times the distance and in air to air
    engagements, we could fire and forget 6 missiles at twice the range of their missiles. In
    a few short seconds, 6 Mig's would crash and burn.

    We always beat them with superior technology!


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