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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Alaska SWAT Team Failed Breach/ BLESS 'EM

I agree with the author in that it would have been much easier and less conspicuous to simply have knocked on the door. It looks like a nice neighborhood, but one can't always go by that these days. It could have been a really tough case or it could  have been someone behind on a student loan, selling homemade bread at the church bake sale, or maybe one of the neighbors dialed 911 after smelling weed. Seriously, I know these guys have a rough and dangerous job at times, but damn. I can only imagine the hell they caught from co-workers, etc.  That had to be embarrassing.  PS: note the one guy leaving his rifle leaning up against the garage door!

Sent to me be reader "Scott at Smith Lake" via The Captain's Journal.


  1. Should have mounted a ram on the bumper and just driven through with the hummer. They did look pretty nervous about whoever it was they were after.

  2. Keystone cops! Leaving his weapon behind, turning their backs to the door they just breached. Don't worry, he'll file for a work place injury and get early retirement. Also, I want to know what was blocking the door so I can get one!

    1. All that was missing was the Benny Hill background music!

  3. I was waiting for the garage door to open.

  4. When I first saw it I though it was an exercise or even a staged joke but it was real, here's a news link to the occurrence: http://www.ktuu.com/content/news/Police-and-FBI-dealing-with-second-standoff-in-South-Anchorage-394499361.html

  5. Weekend warriors. What, no one on the 50 Cal. on top of the humvee?

  6. The whole time I was thinking if the situation was indeed real and if sure enough bad guys were in that house, those LEO fellars were lucky someone didn't slip out of this house, swing out wide, come from behind and shoot them in the back. They were sitting ducks when they were so bunched up peeping around the corner of the garage and the fellow in the Humvee looked like he was disconnected from the fracas. If I am not mistaken, the cameraman was across the street filming from another apartment and I did not see any other security.

  7. I want a front door like that one too! If I was the manufacturer, I'd want that video clip as a "satisfied customer" endorsement.

    Phil B

  8. Oh Jesus Fuking Christ!

  9. And I thought the Three Stooges were dead and buried decades ago....


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