Thursday, August 4, 2016

Maybe A Concerted Effort To Boycott Their Advertisers?

 Has anyone seen a list of advertisers that are using the media listed in the comment below?

Maybe a grassroot effort by the Conservatives to hit them in the pocketbook would help?

This comment was from a thread I was reading last night. ( I believe it was on a Weasel Zippers post)

People should make a conscience effort to boycott all these Liberal bias Media sites, CNN, MSNBC, WASHINGTON POST, NY TIMES, HUFFINGTON POST, ABC,NBC, CBS, they have all contributed to the destruction of America by not doing their jobs by investigating an over reaching Government, and protecting the American people. They have been in bed with the whole Obama Administration's corrupt and illegal activities, and have not warned the public or exposed the Government corruption. When Obama gets charged with Treason and Tyranny, they should be charged as an accessory, and punished as such.


  1. Hey Irish;

    Besides Obama, they have been covering for the Clintons in the 90's. I also remember during the Vietnam war, they were not exactly unbiased either and when Reagan was president, the biggest apologist for the Soviet Union was our mainstream media and the academic hacks.


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