Monday, May 23, 2016

Link O'rama.. Keeping Tabs On Things....

   Compiled and submitted by AFOI...
** Protection of your own borders and wanting to admit only people who will contribute, not destroy, is now "abandoning Democracy".
** This President kisses Iranian ass even as the Mullahs talk about wiping out Israel.
** I'll believe it's a crisis when those who scream it's a crisis act like it's a crisis.
** $100 says if that German teen had fought back he'd be up on hate crime charges.
** I have no words...

** Video.
** Over the top video; still tinfoil hat territory but... IMHO... a LOT less so than I would have said ten years ago.
** What was it Orwell said about speakers of truth becoming enemies?
** Pay for service.
** But we've been assured by our moral and intellectual superiors not to be worried about this kind of thing.
** Orwell was an optimist.  At least in his distopia people KNEW the viewscreen could be watching.
** A nation with no borders is not a nation.  Which is, IMHO, the deliberate intent.
** And then we wonder why so many young people lean towards Socialism.
** Doubtless these people from both articles were, in the media, excoriated and lectured about how intolerant they were.  Which will only make
them madder, and recruit more members.  If the Elites in Europe don't start changing, they're going to DIE.  BLOODILY.  (And pardon my inner
Viking but that'd be a good thing seeing as these Elites are absolute traitors to their countries.)  Related:
** Quote: "Because when the incidents become so many that the police cannot cope and never show up, lawlessness is a fact."  >>  Actually,
when this happens people start enforcing the law themselves.  And shut up about it.
** The disdain just DRIPS from every word of this article.  But you need to know what the enemy is writing about us.  Not unrelated:
** Understand, these people REALLY BELIEVE that they're smarter and more perceptive than the majority of the country.
** The new meme - Trump is "not normal".  Note the use of that term by both the MSM and Hellary.  But there's no coordination going on between
the Democrats and the MSM.  No, no, nothing to see here folks.

** Better to die on your feet than live on your knees.
** Over 90% of blacks are murdered by other blacks.  Related:
** This is a war zone.  But it can't be blamed on whitey, so it's not news.
** Quote: "As for Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris, dozens of workers lost their "secure-zone" access last year alone for cases
of "radicalization." There are approximately 86,000 staff who have access to security zones and their clearance is routinely reviewed only
every three years."
** Worth reading in its entirety, but this quote really struck me: "The socialist wants to commandeer the resources in person and property of
individuals in order to marshal them toward the ends of the collective.  That is, socialism demands that individuals be forced to serve the
interests of others, namely, socialist elites who will decide what those interests are."  >> That's spot-on.  Socialists believe in using the
POWER OF THE STATE to COMPEL BY FORCE.  They've already taken that mental step that force is acceptable.
** Anti-Christ?  No.  But definitely someone who is tremendously hostile to the Church and Faith he represents.
** Starting to like this site a lot.
** Quote: "Over here [in the UK], the anti-migrant feeling is also powerful and yet if the polls are to be believed, which they can't be,
there is a substantial number who don't see any issue whatever with what is going on."  >> My mother was an immigrant; my wife is one too.  I
have no issue with immigrants who want to come and assimilate.  But the fact that there are people who think the importation of massive
numbers of people unwilling to assimilate to the local culture, but rather bring their hellhole with them, is treason.  Pure and simple.  The
problem is that they are the ones who live in gated communities, often have armed guards... and thus pay no price for the decisions and
policies they push.
** If we could somehow bottle these people up, they'd incest themselves into extinction.  I read an article that it's already having an
effect; Saudi air force pilots are deficient in night vision (as one admittedly broad-brush example).  The problem is it doesn't take a genius
to wield a knife or AK-47, and the dumber they are, the more readily they'll believe the 72 virgin pap and strap on a bomb.
** Normally I wouldn't link to the New York Times-Traitor, but this quote from Mexico's Vincente Fox is priceless: "Why does he pick on
Mexico?"  Perhaps it's because you're INVADING US???
** Hate to say this, but the worse, the better.  And while I do not want blood in the streets anywhere, especially not in the US... perhaps
hundreds dead in NYC might actually wake some up.  Related:
** More pushback in Germany.  Good.
** About Brexit.  Yes, outrageous.  You peons WILL vote "rightly".  I can see it now.  Brexit is passed.  And the leadership just squelches it.
** Guys - 1984 was a WARNING not a F*CKING MANUAL.
** And it was systematically covered up.  How do you do this?  How can you look at your own children and even think that you can cover this up?
** According to Socialist Bernie, lines for food area a good thing... says the man who, since his election, has never had to wait for anything.

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