Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Yup, I've Officially Been At Work Too Long....

  I walked up to my milling machine to change parts and notice something...

 Yup... T- Rex.  The aluminum chips have piled up on the door in the shape of a T-rex.

I'm going to get a coffee.... bbl


  1. Is there a break in your future or are you going to push the limits?

    You might want to start paying attention to how much you have been talking to yourself lately.......

    A man can only take so much.
    BTW, you have some serious skills obviously.
    Production shop or specialty parts?

    1. I've been on the same project for 5+ weeks. Fussy tight tolerance job.

      Most of the time I do prototypes and quick turn stuff. It depends on what my customers have going on at any given time.

      I have a few first tier customers and then support larger shops with over flow.

      Customer base is medical, defense, laser, equipment builders etc. I'm kind of a
      Jack of all trades.

    2. Holy crap Dude! You're STILL on that job?
      I'm on vacation until the 5th, so if you get bored hit me up at the house.

      Whitehall, NY

  2. I never got anything cool like a T-Rex when I ran a milling machine back in the mid '70s. Then again, we weren't fortunate enough to have shields in front of the machine back in those dark ages. Would have been nice to have something like that to block the red hot chip that did a perfect arc over the top of my safety glasses dropped down and stuck to my eyelid. Good times....................


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