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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

When Most Of The D-bags That "Work" In Washington Happen To Glance Up Through The Skylight Of Their Building..

This should be their view............


  1. At that perspective, one might want to run if you see that tail flip up. Shit be coming your way!

  2. I see a lot of them around where I currently live and work.
    I always stop and watch when I see one. They are so huge and amazing!

  3. Not understanding your point.
    D-bags... Check.
    Skylights... Nope, just another 8 floors of other D-bags.
    Eagles... Yes, they do nest around here, The Potomac river shoreline have several nesting areas for them.
    Bird droppings... The metaphore for a long time has been that "the Eagle shits on Friday", indicating that eagle droppings are the paychecks us D-Bags get every two weeks (they actually get deposited on Wednesdays now.

    Are you saying we should use taxpayer money to establish arboretums on the roofs of all government buildings so we can all watch eagles while we "work"?

    1. The Eagle represents America.. i.e. the American People.. they are watching, getting pissed. What comes after is anyone's guess.

    2. We have what we have because the American people demand it. Expecting the American people to suddenly demand something else is not realistic. You will know the "American people are paying attention" when incumbents lose their jobs in large numbers.

    3. I agree. There is a lot of apathy and "bread and circus". The prime example here is Assachusetts was the gas tax that got repealed. The people voted to repeal the automatic gas tax increases. THEN they re-voted in many of the assholes that had written the law originally! They should have repealed it, then thrown the bums out. I guess my picture of the eagle was
      wishful thinking :)


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