Sunday, November 8, 2015

Deutschland Erwache!

It is about time. I am surprised it took so long. I do not know how anyone could blame the German people who are fighting back the waves of illegal invaders. However, I do blame the social-libtard-guilt-ridden government officials who purport the type of insanity we are witnessing in Europe and the United States. It is sad that many national leaders  lack even the basic knowledge of history for it is times and events like this "silent invasion" which invite the rise of tyrants such as Adolf Hitler



  1. I wonder if I'm the first to say this.....when the Germans start to retaliate; will they be labeled Nazis?

  2. Anon beat me to it, but it's not just them. Hungary and Poland are on that bandwagon too!

  3. I believe anyone that disagrees or is against these silent invasions are already labeled as racist and nazis by the MSM and most liberals. The German people and Americans who live in the states that were part of the Confederacy are still paying the price for things their grandfathers and great-great grandfathers may or may have not done simply because of where they are.

  4. The vast majority of Germans alve today are not guilty of WWII. Despite this, the elites want to punish them with this reverse lebensraum.

    1. Exactly SOL. Germans as a whole are the most guilt ridden nation I have ever encountered whether they participated in the 1939-45 festivities or not. I've got a German friend who is in his late 40's. Neither his father or grandfather were nahtsees or in the armed forces during the Hitler years, but I have seen him nearly in tears after several drinks touting "but we are Germans we killed the Jews". I believe or at least I think Chancellor Merkel wants people to believe that her gesture of allowing the jihadist into the Fatherland is a form of an apology. She and the libtards should know that even the Bible states that a son cannot be held accountable for his father's sins.I hope they run her out there on a rail!

  5. I don't know about that, Son. My nephew was in Germany with a group of fellow teachers, invited to Germany to see that they are no longer Nazis. They found that Germans won't apologize for WWII, but they don't talk about it, as if it never happened. And one man asked if a member was Jewish, and when she said yes, he launched a completely anti-Semitic tirade. The group had to get between them quickly!

    And if Germany is through with all that, why are they bringing in Israel's mortal enemies?

  6. German subtitles over German singing?
    I guess I'll just have to assume they are singing "we are great, kill the Jews"! Lol

  7. I'm a bit confused, here. Let's say that YOUR neighborhood/city/nation were under fire, and HUGE explosions were happening everywhere. Would you cower in your basement, hoping to not be killed, or would you flee to any place which would accept you? I sure wouldn't stick around any longer than I absolutely had to. Some of the videos I have seen on the news showed explosions that engulfed entire city blocks, and I could see the shock wave travel several blocks away. I certainly would not blame any ordinary citizen for trying to escape that trauma.

  8. No one has, or is willing to give an answer to my question? The article that is linked to does little to explain the situation, other than make it appear that Germans are, once again, trying to keep their race, and country "pure".


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