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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

I Keep Thinking I Will Wake Up and Realize I Was Just Having A Crazy Dream

Please, someone call the CDC in Atlanta! Anti-Southern Fever (also known as anti-Confederate, anti-white people who say yall, anti-American History fevers) has become highly contagious and has turned into a pandemic across the country. Symptoms vary from "blissful ignorance" to HATE! Areas most affected are government buildings and major retail outlets. Of course I am being facetious, but WALMART is not.

A West Morgan High School student holds his diploma outside of a Decatur, Alabama Walmart where he says a Walmart sales associate refused to order his class ring because his school mascot is a REBEL. Read the rest of the story here.


  1. This shit is getting way out of hand. We need a nationwide boycott of Wal-Mart.

    1. Agreed Robert. I would love to see a nation wide ban of such businesses, but more especially I'd like to see a ban of NASCAR. Once the ticket sales and sponsorship's dwindled down, they'd come to their senses. Walmart would react similarly. To behave as they have regarding the flag issue, they sure have a pro+gun friendly policy following whatever the local statue states. Here in Alabama we can open carry in Walmart. Now that flag on the other hand, it might cause someone to shoot up a church! This insanity regarding the flag is akin to the masturbation problem at the proverbial prep school, it has got way out of hand! LOL


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