Tuesday, May 12, 2015

When it comes to choosing sides after the "balloon goes up", reckon who this fellow will side with?

I understand that the MSM and many people in this country are worried whether or not Tom Brady was using an under inflated football, but there are some other interesting events taking place too!

The "infernal revenue screws", using a "war of drugs" statue,  basically stole $107,000.00 from this NC man and he is now fighting to get his money back.

“It’s my livelihood,” he told The Daily Signal. “This is all I know how to do. I’m 50 years old, and if I had to do something else, I’d probably be in trouble. This is what I was brought up in. This is all I know.” Click here of the rest of the story.


  1. If you take everything away from a guy, he's then got nothing to lose...
    I wonder if there have already been people that have gotten even, but the stories have been suppressed?

  2. What the hell is this place turning into?


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