Thursday, May 7, 2015

Good friend and frequent white house guest Al Sharpton calls for a federal police force:

Was it just a coincidence or was that the plan all along? Remember the campaign speech when Obama stated we need a national security force larger than the military?

Hold onto your hat, because you’re really going to LOVE Barack Obama’s control of your local police force. Especially when you find out that the DoJ Civil Rights Division will be in charge.
Read more at Click here for the rest of the story at Joe the Plumber.

H/T to Scott at Lakeshore


  1. Yep he made it perfectly clear to everyone on this point and the dumb mother f**kers still voted for the sorry narcissistic POS twice. I really think we're f**ked.

  2. "The six cities that have agreed to submit are taking money to subject themselves to federal research and to employ federal policing tactics."


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