Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The Modified Golden Rule Policy.......

  Found on the web. Some interesting concepts from slick willy:

The Modified Golden Rule Policy
Got a bee in my bonnet several years ago, and though you might enjoy a little rant… This is not serious, and I did not come NEAR to going after everyone I could have (the GOP should be very afraid).    I am SOOOO tired of other countries (and the domestic liars) holding the USA to standards they themselves have no intention of meeting.  This is a proposed principle for our laws and dealings with others, shortened to MGRP.

I would like to propose a new policy in our dealings around the world: Let us call it the ‘Modified Golden Rule Policy.’ Under MGRP, the USA will treat others exactly as we are treated. Simple and direct. This policy has the bonus that if the ‘bad actor’ gets caught and convicted, they KNOW that they will get the same as they gave out.




  1. It is simple and fits on a bumper sticker. But it lacks credibility. Most of the world knows we are way to civilized to hold whole populations accountable for the actions of their whacko fringes or whacko leaders. Further, it puts us into the position of being the whacko country flitting around the world like we own it and randomely killing other people (like they do).

    Better policy: Flexible response. We will do whatever we feel like doing so you better hope we don't notice you for any reason.

    This is the policy we have had since the 80's and it has worked pretty well. Even countries that have no respect for us now know in their hearts that we are one presidential election away from bombing their asses into rubble and then nuking the rubble. America: The crazy homeless guy who might be violent so just give him your change and keep moving. Avoid eye contact.,

  2. Generic, while your views are more practical, my idea is more fun, in a judgmental and viscerally satisfying way. Seriously, we could not actually apply this policy in the pure form: but the principle could be used in our response, like the Monroe doctrine of earlier times.


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