Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Set The Wayback Machine To 1955. Chelmsford MA Celebrates 300 Years....My How Things Have Changed.

   One of my blog friends sent this video this morning with the note that at the 11:50 mark there is a Studebaker fire truck that his friend is restoring. I scrolled through and saw the truck then went back and watched the video.

 It's nice to see some of the old school America.  For the record, I was born in the 60's and I remember some great parades of my youth. Nowadays I wouldn't go to one if you paid me.


  1. Too bad. you missed some great times and a real idea of what America is really like.

    You should have been born in the late 40s.

  2. Pretty cool! I grew up in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan. When I was 10 they celebrated their Tricentennial (300 years). I remember the events well that year. I also remember the parades as a kid. We had the only remaining drum and bugle corps from WW1. As the years went on they built a trailer where they could stand in rows just s few inches off the ground. They were too old to walk the length of the parade route. There were less and less of them every year. It was the thing I looked forward to every year. It was sad to see them go.

  3. In those days people didn't all look like bums, either.

  4. Cool ... you're just a babe. 1947 here.

  5. Thanks for the memories of a time gone by. I was 10 in 1955 and remember those years so well. Ike was President and we were a proud, patriotic and grateful America. My heart aches for what we have let her become. May God forgive us.


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