Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Compiled and submitted by AFOI....
** Quote: "...this deal which is a trade agreement among Australia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Japan, Canada, the United States, Mexico, Peru, and Chile, there's a
provision for free flow of workers, just like in the European Union. What It means is unrestricted immigration. It means literally that  congress would not have
the authority to restrict immigration..."   >> If this passes, it's the end - not only of America - but of Western Civilization.
** This is wrong on multiple levels.  First, that this guy can access the systems at all.  Second,
that instead of saying "Oh crap, let's fix this", they fix this... by preventing the guy from
flying.  And in parallel, airlines are now talking about creating a "remote control" feature
to prevent another instance where the pilot (or co-pilot) goes nuts like that German tragedy.
My axiom: If it can be connected to, it can be hacked.  Period.
** VERY good on the effects of being raised by a gay couple - hadn't realized there was some research on it.  But
I think that there's something missing.  Look at Europe.  When you redefine marriage to mean "anything", it becomes
meaningless.  People don't marry.  People don't have kids.  And who inherits the earth?  Those who reproduce.
** THIS is why I oppose ALL government-funded charities.  In theory, I see nothing wrong with a way to help
people - but IN PRACTICE such things will ALWAYS metastasize.
** Listen to the tone of Barackus' voice as he discusses Iran getting SAMs from Russia.
** Excellent takedown.
** Freedom is hard.  That's why most people dread it.
** I'll believe it's a crisis when those who say it's a crisis act like it's a crisis.
** Can you just IMAGINE the sh*tstorm that would result if this were said about black men?
** Doubtless Barackus WOULD throw in a couple of bombs for Iran if he could.
** THIS!  THIS is why I am anti-abortion.  Because quote: "It is a small step from killing babies
for medical research to killing other people who find themselves in a defenseless situation."
** Read this.  Read this again.  This is the face of PURE EVIL in America.  Remember, it
was the LEFT that implemented the eugenics programs of sterilizations.  From abortion, to this,
to disabled of any age, to general undesirables.
** Iranian army leaders say outside inspection of military sites is "selling out".  What could go wrong as
they pursue nuclear weapons?
** At what point will Barackus just give them nukes straight-up, and claim "We stopped them from DEVELOPING
nuclear weapons... by just supplying them."?  Related:
** If I said, about ANYONE, "I want you dead, dead, dead!" I would be arrested.  If I said I wanted every
Democrat dead-dead-dead it would be taken as proof the Right is a party of haters.  Iran says they want
America and Israel dead... and it's "Aw, look, how cute."
** Shrillary, uncomfortable with a Menorah on a door.
** A very interesting study comparing blacks born in America vs. black immigrants.
** Kill them.  Kill them all.  Yes, there will be collateral damage, but... kill them, kill them, kill them.
** Carpet bomb them into f*cking powder.  Move in, scrape the earth clean of them, and pile the
bodies high to rot as a lesson to the next generation of Jihadis what we'll do to them.
** Quote: "Like I said, I gave up 5 years ago trying to convince them.  When I pointed out
simple things like the above math I was called a racist, a fascist, etc. etc., and it
finally dawned on me there's no reasoning with insane people."  >> This is why I have
given up debating Leftists.  Because there IS NO debate.  No matter what facts, logic,
reason, etc., you present, it's dismissed a priori.  For example, one of my cousins was
shocked-shocked-shocked that I am not trembling in fear about "climate change".  They
said they would be interested to see information, so I started sending some with comments
and analysis.  Nada.  Nothing.  Not even a "Wow, this is something I've never seen."
** Corrupt, corrupt, corrupt.
** It's a miracle someone wasn't killed.  Quote: "It's the type of activity you would expect to see from the
Stasi in East Germany. Conservative activists in Wisconsin literally do not feel safe. They think that police
could burst into their homes at any moment to punish them for their First Amendment activity."  And the
source article:
** The message has been sent: we can get you.  It doesn't matter if there is legal vindication at the end of
all this - the message has been sent.
** Quote: "If the court decides that this isn't unreasonable seizure we may as well pack it in because this is madness."
** Barackus protecting North Korea's arms shipments to Iran.
** Quote: "The League of Conservation Voters collected $90 million in foundation grants 2000-2013; the LCV
Education Fund pocketed $71 million more. The LCV, Sierra Club, NRDC, SEIU, AFSCME, Kleiner Perkins and
allied groups are all big Whitehouse (and Obama White House) campaign donors."  >> BILLIONS of dollars in
research grants.  You CANNOT tell me that drives results-driven research.
** Whitewater - understand the kind of scum the Clintons are.

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