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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Why I Blog...

There are lots of reasons I blog.

All the awesome people and sites that are on my sidebar.

The many people that I have shared emails and links with from across the globe.

Enjoying the sites that I peruse, whether it's funny cats, boobs or news articles.

But mostly, when I receive emails like the one below from one of my readers.

I guess I have lots of lurkers that enjoy my little sophmoronic postings.

I get these once in awhile and it makes it worth it:


I will be starting a blog soon... I am a news junky and Tea Party guy, I believe I saw your blog while reading through either one of these 4 sites: michellesmiiror.com... Gateway pundit or Free Republic.  It may have been weezlezips.  The best part about your blog is that it is a respite from the hardcore news we face everyday being in the Know if you will. 90 miles from Tyranny is the same as while I decompress during lunch I rifle through drudge, weazle, FReep and then hit your site And Michelle's mirror before I get back to work. I manage a small team of Inside Sales reps.  We are all conservative except for a few folks.  You do a great job with the ladies (married here with two kids) and you have a great eye for photography.  I share the pet pics with my wife as we have a lab and a cat.  Great site that I will share with my beleaguered Capitalist colleagues as we fight the communists day in and day out!  Lol ... I will forward you news if I see it as I send stuff to Zip also.  Take  care.   

Thanks to all of you that stop by and enjoy The Feral Irishman!!


  1. I should be the one saying Thanks. I enjoy stopping by a couple times a day to see what you have posted - though I don't often comment. But this is a unique site and there is always something different and refreshing (and sexy) to enjoy... from a fellow Tea Party Conservative.

  2. And the link to michellesmiiror.com is spelled wrong (I think) and the link nor the correct spelling of mirror works. FYI!

  3. There are only two types of blogs: those I read and those I don't.

  4. Sending out those warm fuzzy holiday feelings I see....lol

  5. Been lurking here for a long time. Dig your blog style.
    I hardly ever comment on any blog as I have nothing to add.


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