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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

To Protect and Serve and Listen To Rap and Hip-Hop...

 Here's The STORY


  1. Comes a day when bystanders are going to shoot sum bitches like this, I wonder how this cop, and cops like him are going to feel when we start targeting their grandfathers and families....

  2. So your saying Cederq, that in any meeting with police you will assume you or any other stranger did no wrong and automatically resist with force. Not work within the system that was designed by and serves the people? Then your plan is to target the families of those who sign up to protect you and do your dirty work?

    Good luck with that.

  3. I hope they can sue that scum bag. Did you see any common sense at all while that cop went nuts on that older gentleman? Plus look how fast that moron started acting big and bad on that guy. I would have liked seeing that cop get his ass kicked but then the dash cam video would have disappeared.

  4. What a fucking wanker. Completely uncalled for.

    Notice how they started hassling that other guy who was objecting to that idiot thug's behaviour?


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