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Friday, December 19, 2014

Get me this for Christmas!

Are we as a nation better off today than we were forty years ago as a result of social mollycoddling by a select group of people who has decided for us what is "safe" and  what is "politically correct"? I think not. I saw on the news this morning where some major retailers are considering banning "toy" guns that resemble "real" guns! When will liberals stop blaming "things" and demanding that "things" be banned?  ....Memories, how we miss the good old days.........

Gung HO!


  1. Man, I would loved to have had that Gun Ho outfit when I was a kid. And, believe it or not, I knew better than to point any kind of think that even looked like a weapon at a grown up, much less a cop. Between a dad and two older brothers who were military, the boy scouts, and the veterans at the church, I was told what a gun could really do and gun safety. Now the whole thing on TV and in the social media is to be anti cops and that it is cool to point a gun at someone, even a cop. Dumb asses may not deserve to be killed, but put in jail along with their parents seems about right.

  2. Wow, back in the day. My best friend got that for Christmas. We played "Combat" almost every weekend. It was a lot of fun.

  3. Remember the series Combat?--Those guys were my heros.My God we played that from morning to dusk.

    1. Yep, we tried to watch it when ever it came on. I've seen some reruns on cable.

  4. Liberal pussies have ruined and defiled everything.


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