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Friday, November 7, 2014

Leigh Offers His Take On The Russian "Trojan Horse" Story....


'Trojan Horse' Bug Lurking in Vital US Computers Since 2011

 It's rather interesting that this is dropped into the news cycle just after a major political routing of the Dems. I asked some fellow blog friends their thoughts on what implications this might have and Leigh brought up some good points to ponder......

Leigh writes:

I just watched this. My thoughts are it is either a fake story, or a inside job type hack - think false flag.
Why would you tell the whole world that your security is so lax that a trojan has just been lying in wait for the go order.
Doesn't make sense -

  • .gov NEVER admits when it screws up
  • they are trying to ratchet up the level of animosity towards the Russians
  • they are pre-selecting a scape-goat for an event they plan to unleash
Everyday, this country looks more and more like Oceania.


  1. Just look what US gov has done together with their friends the saudis to destroy the price of oil. All to punish the russians, and of course a side benefit of destroying the fracking biz!
    $100 oil has brought the US on an incredible rush towards total oil independence. What better way to crush that, then knocking the legs out of the oil market.
    The evil runs deep.

    1. Btw, another beautiful header shot!
      Spooky, and rich at the same time!


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