Monday, November 17, 2014

Ferguson Protest Group Releases Lists of Targets

Isn't this the type of thing that in other situations is referred to as "conspiracy" and "terrorism"?

I do not understand the mindset, but the participants in the upcoming "Loot, Scoot, and Shoot Olympics" should do the math before they begin to threaten the infrastructure of major metropolitan areas (and smaller towns too). Real Americans have been pushed way to far into the "corner" and are very, very tired of molly-coddling the FSA!


  1. yes, but still it they are allowed to run riot, encouraged by your very own government.

    1. That is my point exactly. What would happen if a group of guys and gals from the "liberty movement" or tea party posted online targets they intended to disrupt or destroy? They would be toast. The double standards pisses me off more than the coming festivities.

  2. It's an interesting situation. You have the Federal government meddling, and the National Guard, which is made up of ordinary citizens, placed in a situation that may conflict with common decency.

    Who wins? The National Guard. Even this administration understands their power play is failing. Pushing at this time will only lead to more disasters with the current administration. The media won't be able to hide the nonsense, and will find their choice of who to back will either lead to their continuing fall into the control of the state, or relinquishing the chains they accepted. I think they've had enough, and realize they won't survive without coming clean.

  3. Remember when the Tea Party had to buy a permit for Public Assembly. They said it was to pay for the cops. Do the Ferguson protesters have a permit?


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