Saturday, September 20, 2014

SKT Ranch - Art, Texas

 Last year, during one of my walks here in New Hampshire, I found this coozie on the side of the road. I had forgotten about it until I was doing a little bunker cleaning this morning and found it under some paper work on one of the shelves.  It would be interesting if any of you,my readers, have ever been there or have participated in the Quail Shoot. It's amazing how far this item has traveled and what stories those travels would tell.

I did a little googling and found out that there is an ART, TEXAS 

but no other hits after a few different searches of various configurations of "SKT Ranch" and "Quail Shoot".  Finally, I got one hit from a blog post back in 2009 about the 8th annual hunt 

>HERE<  so I guess this coozie is from 2011. 

I just found it to be interesting that this coozie made it this far:


  1. Maybe this is it?
    Although no information about a quail hunt.

    1. Thanks ocopek. That never came up in the google searchs. That looks like it :)


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