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Friday, April 11, 2014

Someone Has A Wicked Serious Case of OCD... either that or....

.... I hike in a very upscale neighborhood.

 The conservation area I hike in has some nice trails and covers over 300 acres and
cross borders a couple towns. There are hard woods, pines, swamps, streams and ponds.
Yesterday I spooked 3-4 whitetails on the back side of the trail system.

Today I was surprised to find someone had raked over a mile of the trails.

Needless to say this was interesting to see...

Maybe next year I can get them to shovel, salt and sand???


  1. I'm thinking SOMEBODY really loves using his/her gas powered leaf blower..

    1. Hi Jones-Texas... Truthfully it was hand raked. There were rake marks the whole way. Take a look at picture #4.
      My cell phone didn't capture the trail to well. :) Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Yeah but there some leaves they DIDN'T rake!
    Are they coming back to get them?!?
    If you're gonna do, do it right!
    Now I can't sleep.

  3. mountain bikers ;) 'tis the season.


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