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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Mooch Drops The Hammer on The Man-Boy.......


First image courtesy of >MOONBATTERY<

Second Image From Blog Friend Jeffery


  1. That is some funny shit.

  2. Now, was it jealousy? Or, was the First Wookie finally making Ear Leader behave like a fucking human at an occasion that is supposed to be solemn? Considering previous actions by the spouse of the spear-chucker-in-chief, she was jealous. Barry is still a adolescent horndog, who has no sense of propriety. But, then, how could he learn propriety, given his parents, grandparents, and the company they kept?

  3. Barry will be hiding with the Bushes during the flight back on Air Force One, as I'm sure Michelle has a rolling pin with his name on it ready for use.

  4. How come Hillary! never did that to Bill?


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