Monday, December 23, 2013

Cloudy, Gloomy, Cold Grey Day Yields Some Excitement.......

The weather here is low thirty's , freezing rain, overcast and grey.

 I was about three quarter's into my lunchtime hike in the woods when I caught movement 

out of the corner of my eye off to my left. 

Now mind you, I see plenty of dog, deer, rabbit, raccoon, squirrel and human tracks on the trails in

the conservation area so I was surprised as shit when a FISHER CAT came through the snow 

and trees out into the trail about 20 feet or so in front of me.

 I wasn't being quiet on my trek by any stretch of the imagintion......

( Picture Michelle grazing through the christmas buffet line in Hawaii. At 5' 11" 230 I'm a little shorter and lighter than her.. but you get the point)

anyway... there's about 3 plus inches of wet hardpack so it's noisy as I'm walking along. 

 He stopped for an instant then climbed about 10 feet up a tree to sit on a branch and decide if he 

was gonna eat me or not. Luckily for me I hadn't cooked any bacon yet so I probably just smelled 

like damp wet sweatshirt and old spice. 

We exchanged formalities, I said "Merry Christmas Mr Fisher Cat".

 He climbed down the tree and ran off down over the hill across a small field and back into the 


Here is quick video of a Fisher in someone's back yard.....................



  1. Amazing sight. Never seen one. Exciting I imagine.

    1. I have never seen one up that close. They are very elusive. It was quite amazing for the short moment it lasted. :)

  2. I'm surprised you even saw it during the day - very quiet animals.

  3. Never know what you can see... :-)

  4. Well I haven't seen any cougars... or Milfs for that matter ;)

  5. I'm guessing your reaction was like mine, when I turned into my driveway and found a bobcat standing in the middle of it, except you didn't have headlights, a horn, a steel body and glass to keep you from any unwelcome advances.


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