Tuesday, October 22, 2013

We are at the point that sniper teams are watching over pumpkin festivals in small town NH...

This is interesting to say the the least. Reader Jeffery sent along this link
Go read the article and see the pictures:
 Graham Colson, an area resident for 15+ years who has been to Keene Pumpkin Fest for just as long, said the presence of snipers was unprecedented. He was able to take the above image of a two person sniper team on the rooftop of the Keene Apartments building overlooking Roxbury & Central Square earlier today.

One thing that definitely sticks out when you go to the link beloe is the picture that
the reporter took from behind 2 of the snipers. He walked up behind them and
took their photos. I guess they weren't REALLY paying attention now were they? 

Sniper teams?  It would be interesting to know if there was a threat OR if the town if Keene has
Gone nuts?

Last I heard the town of Keene was trying to get a BEARCAT Armored Vehicle:


The citizens of the quiet New Hampshire town of 23,000, which has only seen two murders since 1999, questioned why police needed such an expensive military-type truck and balked at the militarization of a local force.
The police are already pretty brutal,” Mike Clark, a twenty-seven year old resident of Keane, saidin an interview with the Huffington Post. “The last thing they need is this big piece of military equipment to make them think they’re soldiers.”

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