Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Morning Thought.....

What would happen if some of the park police didn't follow orders and just stood down
and let the people in? Would they ( the park police) be arrested? By Whom?

And what if those LEOs sent to arrest the Park Police refused.. then what? 

I am surprised (kinda) that as Americans these officers don't see what is happening.

Then again I guess everyone needs a job to provide for their families whether they
want to do that job or not.

Others are probably like this woman....

Remember this? 


  1. Government pensions and unions are very strong incentives to obey orders. It's amazing how much information they have on everyone. Will any of them stand down? No.

    1. After working as a federal agent for 32 years, and now having been retired for almost 2 years, I can tell you that you are absolutely wrong that none of them will stand down when it gets to where they believe rights are being violated. I did it a few times in my career not even thinking or worrying for a moment about my paycheck or future pension (at least until after the fact when I was wondering how things would turn out for me). I did so to protect people's rights under the Constitution, which by the way was the same one I was sworn to defend and support and to which I swore to bear allegiance.

      I did so as recently as just around a year before I retired. I gave testimony against the government and against the agency for which I worked, in a 10 hour long video recorded deposition by the plaintiff's attorneys, with a U.S. Attorney present, prior to a trial for nationwide multiple rights violations against my agency. I suffered, in crappy assignments and was shunned by many fellow agents, for several years, after I first reported some of those rights violations that later became relevant to that law suit. There are quite a good number of federal agents who would do likewise. They may not be as willing as non-LEOs to quickly jump on the government is a tyranny bandwagon but when the rights violations become egregious enough they are sure to do so. I know many whom I believe would take up arms against the government to protect the rights of The People in the event the government went too far. Sure, there are many on the dark side, who have drunk the Kool-Aid, but to say that none would ever stand down from their assigned duties and thus support liberty, freedom and our Constitution is just a blanket statement that is 100% incorrect.

      All the best,
      Glenn B

    2. Thank you for your reply, Glenn B. It is very reassuring to know that some will take a stand against tyranny. I wish there were more men and women of good conscience, like you, who know our Constitution is worth fighting for. Thank you for honoring it.


  2. Oh, no! The dreaded "I'm gonna count to 10!" strategy...with no backup in sight.

  3. I think you are spot on with the job aspect plain and simple. They have it too good and the thought of no money coming in scares them to the point of throwing away any and all integrity they have to keep it.

  4. It was really quite ingenius of the leftists.
    Raise the wage/benefits to triple what they were 30 years ago,
    and the leo's will do whatever they are told - constitution be damned!
    And before anyone disputes this, the fact that gov employees can retire with full benefits at
    an age where they can start a second career, thus living wealthy, is what it mostly boils down to.

  5. Hell, the local militarized police department will see this video and hire that "security guard" on the spot! What they jokingly call 'law enforcement' today is in reality civilian control, bending them to the wishes of the self anointed faux intellectual governing elites. This "security guard" just used the theater of the absurd to accumulate video documentation of her gestapo-like mentality and can use those videos to become instantly hired by some control freak police chief. Well played, asshole, well played....

  6. You are using the wrong video. Use the one of the Park Policewoman saying she is not ashamed in Washington, D.C. The federal police are very well paid. They are not going to stand down. They will do whatever it takes to protect their gravy train. Only one governor has stood up to the feds. Not even one senator or congressman has physically taken action against the barricades. It took WW2 vets in their late 80s and early 90s to stand up to the Park Police.

  7. Income is certainly an important incentive to "obey orders". However, many people with self-esteem issues will respond to the acquisition of (alleged) authority in just this fashion. Hence the whole mall-cop meme.

  8. It's not just the job security. Petty bureaucrats love to exercise their authority. They know it is a stupid rule. They know they would never obey it themselves. But they are damn sure going to make sure you obey it. It's the Stanford Prison experiment over and over. All government employees know how to slow roll their management by looking the other way, taking bathroom breaks, not noticing the violations, writing up the citations wrong, etc. The park rangers are not doing these things because they don't want to do them. They LIKE pushing the rest of us around.



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