Friday, September 20, 2013

Sad.. They don't make Johnson Outboards Anymore.....


  1. I'd take a used Johnson outboard over ten brand new Merc's.
    Especially the smaller ones for trolling, there is no comparison. A Merc will vibrate the fillings out of your teeth.

    Of course with safety ever present in mind, a couple of large flotation devices such as those pictured above should be standard equipment on any vessel, large or small.

  2. What does your post title have to do with the photo?
    I see no outboard motor in the picture!

    +1 Keads

  3. Stephen,
    It's only a waste because I'm not there to give those puppies the attention they truly deserve.

  4. I learned to ski behind one just like that!

  5. That is sad. I used to have one of those. I think I'll get out there and see if I can find one of those on a corner somewhere.

  6. That is sad, such a loss of good material !


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