Friday, June 7, 2013

Henry Bowman's right hand tightened around the walnut
grip of the Solothurn S18 - 1000.
The weapon had been a present from his father,
given to him on his fourteenth birthday in 1967.........

 Solothurn + WWHBD Bumper Sticker = AWESOME GUNNIE GOODNESS....

Big Thanks to reader Rick who sent this pic along with this in an email:

"Last weekend was a machinegun & cannon shoot just south of Casper Wyoming ( I made sure I took along one of your stickers because they usually have a Solothurn there."

Hit my email on the sidebar, or comment if you want some stickers.


  1. Okay, here's the big question. Where, how to I put my hands on this great bumper sticker? Best book written based on the gun culture since the Bible.

    1. Hi Stephen, I sent you an email or you can email me. It's on the sidebar.


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