Friday, September 14, 2012

Not Feeling It Today...

The news is depressing.

I'm dealing with a summer cold, sore throat, no energy.

Gotta get some work done.

I'll be about lurking and post if I find something good.

I realize it's bad and I need to call the Dr. for a checkup since I haven't wanted a beer in 3-4 days.

Obama still sucks.


  1. If you haven't had a beer in 3 days you need to drink whiskey. A doctor will just kill you if he gets a chance.

  2. My woman has been sick for 3 days..... damn kids and damn school's..........
    Take care of yourself, hot tea with Irish whiskey and honey........:-)

  3. I give a second opinion, angrymike's right. Hot toddy the hell out of that cold.

  4. Hot toddy my ass, double down on the tequila.
    I've been feeling like shit myself lately, maybe you gave me a virus.... I'm sorry, I had to say that.
    Fuck Obama. And Romney.


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