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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

You Have Seen The People of Walmart..Here's What They Drive..


  1. At least they're creative...I like the sponge.

  2. I don't see a problem, but I am from South East Texas...

  3. sad but true, You will find these folks at Home Depot and Lows building these cars.

  4. If you think these folks who are creative with their rides are something to look down on. Then you sir are scum much lower than they most likely are.

  5. Some are surely creative, but some are probably not a good idea to drive behind due to danger of loose parts. The garden hose wheel comes to mind, as does the Golf with the...non standard wheel.

    They remind me of what I see less of nowadays, the mid-80's vintage Toyota trucks where the bed rusted off, and was replaced by something homemade. Some, very well, some...not so much.

    There's a big difference between Appalachian Engineering, and Shitrigging, and "holy Shit we need to get to the store, we're out of beer, now what can we use instead of a wheel?"


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