Wednesday, December 14, 2011

You Will Enjoy This Funny Story............!!!

" take the gun away from me and shove it clean up my ass".

H/T to my blogbuddy "COOP"


  1. I can see Chevy Chase playing his part in a movie :)

  2. Nothing funny about a pissed-off coon!

    When I was a kid, my Grandfather (Good mountain stock)had a friend who (like all G-pa's friends) looked like something out of lil' Abner.

    This guy was different because he had a hand/arm/shoulder/up onto his neck that looked like it had been through a wood-chipper.

    Close - it had actually been through an altercation with a pissed-off coon!

    Seems they'd treed and shot one which - even though deceased - had continued to grip the branch it was sitting on with all four feet.

    After some suitable discussion and some other failed attempts to dislodge it, old Snuffy decided he'd just climb up the tree high enough to grab it by the tail and pull it down.

    It was then that Mr. Coon experienced his resurrection - and he proceeded to unload on ol' Snuffy in a manner most foul!

    I'm not joking one bit about the "looked like it had been through a wood-chipper" - it's a wonder to me to this day (having experienced skin-grafts of my own) that the man LIVED and still had his arm without the benefits of such advanced tech...

    Me? I don't fool with mr. Procyon Lotor - no way and no HOW!


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