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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Do You Think This Guy Is Still Employed???


  1. The DHL guy that used to deliver here would throw packages out his driver window without even stopping.

  2. Customer service in this Country is a lost art. People jut don't give a damn anymore.

    David, that's crazy! Did you get that on video at all?

  3. Never did get film, but had many conversations with regional mgr. I actually stopped doing business with one company because they would only ship DHL. These days, I don't think DHL even comes to the area, they pass off to USPS.

    I will say our FEDEX and UPS guys are great tho'.

  4. Hope he doesn't deliver my new monitor I just ordered.

  5. The Fed Ex driver who delivers to my work building is a piece of shit. We've had to file formal complaints that didn't include his brutal handling of packages (all the stuff he delivers are packed well so I think that's the small potatos compared to him delivering human cancer cells to the front office rather than the shipping area because he likes it better).

    Next time I have a beef with him we're going to tell Fed-Ex he's not to enter our property and they'll have to find a new driver.

    Still the guy who fills in for this jerk is a moron too.

  6. I have to wonder if they get fired when people submit video evidence like this?


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