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Friday, September 2, 2011

Dear Verizon Wireless Girl......

Thank you :)

Last friday night, about 8:00 pm I got a call that was an 866 area code on my phone.

I usually don't answer numbers like that but for whatever reason I picked it up.

It was a girl from verizon and she wanted to let me know that my plan for my phone,

which is unlimited calls and txting, was an older plan and they have a newer plan out.

I was kinda short with her being the skeptic that I am, I said "And how much is it

gonna cost me?"

She was very nice and said actually it will save you about $30.00 a month.

Me "YA Right"

"Ashley" ( I forget her real name, but she sounded like an Ashley)

"No Really nothing will change, you will just have a cheaper rate"

Me "So you're telling me that you called me a 8:00 pm on a friday to tell me my

cell phone bill is going down by 30 something dollors and I don't have to do

anything but agree?"

Ashley "Yes its the truth../cute giggle"

Me " Okay sign me up!" and "Thanks no-one has ever called me to save me money!"

After hanging up I said to myself ...we'll see...

I just got my new bill $116.79..... last month it was $146.81 unreal!!!

So thanks "Ashley"... I appreciate it!



  1. So what's the catch? a brand new lengthy contract?

    Was your old contract about to expire?

  2. Hey Matt :)

    There was no catch ( as far as I know)

    I use my cell for business so I have alot of hours on it. I've had the same plan for 4 years and have been happy with it so far. I also have the insurance, and they sent me a new phone overnight when my original wouldnt charge any more. I 've been happy so far :)

  3. Cool, usually its a one way deal, but occasionally it ends up being good for the client as well.

    Glad it went your way.


  4. THanks...I just got the bill and havent looked at the reallllly fien print yet! :)


  5. Glad it worked out for you..My phone bill with them is a LOT higher tell that "Ashley to call me"


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