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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

"Destiny Who?" says the Unicorn Whisperer....

Well it looks like the "Skittle Shitting Unicorn" passed by Destiny Mathis's house......


Opening the handwritten letter from President Obama brought a glimmer of hope to her life as he promised her that things would get better for her and her family.
And despite the fact Destiny Mathis, from Hobart, Indiana, treasured the letter, more than two years later she has no choice but to sell it as she and her three children face eviction from their home.

The 26-year-old was an avid campaigner for Mr Obama in 2008, getting T-shirts made and encouraging people in her neighbourhood to vote.

She told him she was optimistic for change when she campaigned for him and that now she feels her future is bleak and unpromising. Despite this she also praised the President and his efforts.

"NOW she is on the verge of eviction"

"SHE's not the first either"

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