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Monday, May 9, 2011

First True Love...........

This is a very close picture (not mine) that I could find of my first Bronco

Same Color, Soft Top, Hood scoop , lift and tires.....  That truck was awesome.

Back in the day you could go 4 wheeling around here and not have any issues with the law.

There are lots of great memories and crazy things that we did with that truck.

My freshman year of college I drove that thing back and forth

  from Massachusetts to the University of Michigan 4 times.

That was back in the early 80's but who is counting.

I went across Ma , New York, thru Niagara Falls and then thru Canada to Windsor

( GREAT strip joints , but thats another post), then into Detroit and on to Ann Arbor.

I did 16 hours straight, coffee and piss stops... no seat belts , no spare, no AAA, no cell phone,

no jack, no GPS, no nothing... just fill it up, check the oil and throw caution to the wind!!

I remember on the way home for summer we had my roommates younger brother sitting in the back in

a beach chair.  God I miss the carefree innocence of those days.........


  1. I've only been to Canada one time, and it was to Windsor. You know why. :)

  2. Memories from the old days... dang.

    My buddy had a Ford stepside pickup. We bolted a pair of bucket seats from a 70's Monte Carlo in the bed. We would get another guy to drive and we would sit in the those bucket seats with a cooler of Miller High Life and cruise to Galveston. Up and down the beach all day long.

    Those were the days...

  3. Yeah, Billy Bob, that was when you could drink in the back of a truck as long as the driver could find his ID, the cops would leave you alone.

  4. Just sent you some linky-love.

  5. My college ride was a '68 Olds Cutlass with a 350-V8. Nothin' like a small block V8 to get you into and way from trouble in a hurry. - STRETCH


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