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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Ding!!!... fries are done.....

Okay, Let’s look at this :
1.                  The first lady does not want us to eat this type of food.
2.                  The President is touting this as great for the economy.
3.                  5 years ago when Bush was president, “burger flipping” jobs weren’t real jobs to liberals.
4.                  6 months ago McDonald’s announces they are going to lay off 35,000 people because of healtchacre costs (after Obamacare).
5.                  McDonald’s retracts that statement and gets a “waiver”
6.                  Now this?????/
Where is the  media real journalists to call them out on this?????  So friggin aggravating.

thanks to the Furious Frenchman, he gets so aggravated he yells at his computer.....


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