Monday, October 15, 2018

We Elitist Know What Is Best For You. (this is the follow up to the first letter I received from Dougie's office)

So basically, what DEMORAT Sen. Doug Jones of Alabama is saying to the thousands of constituents in Alabama who wrote or called his office urging him to vote "yes" to confirm Brett Kavanaugh  is "I could care less about what the people in Alabama I represent want" . "You dirt people should accept the fact that I have a magical sense of perception that allowed me to receive special vibrations from Dr. Ford. Therefore I deem her to be credible and courageous despite evidence to the contrary. Besides, you peasants know nothing about our socialist-one world-progressive agenda nor are any of you capable of understanding it".

Alabama State SealDoug Jones
United States Senator from Alabama
Senate Seal

Thank you for writing to share your thoughts on the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the United States Supreme Court.
When Justice Anthony Kennedy announced his retirement earlier this summer, I promised the people of Alabama that I would conduct a thoughtful and thorough independent review of the nominee to replace Justice Kennedy.
President Trump announced Brett Kavanaugh as his nominee to the Court on July 9th, and from that day forward, I have studied Judge Kavanaugh’s record. I have read his speeches, his available writings from his time in the Bush Administration, and his decisions as a Circuit Court judge. I watched his confirmation hearing carefully and had hoped to have the opportunity to meet with him in order to allow him to explain his thinking on a number of important issues. Unfortunately, his schedule did not permit us the occasion to meet.
I have heard from thousands of Alabamians like you who care deeply about this nomination and what it means for our country. These letters and calls came from both supporters and opponents of Judge Kavanaugh, and I appreciated every one of them.
The Kavanaugh nomination process has been flawed from the beginning and incomplete at the end. However, during her testimony, Dr. Ford was credible and courageous. I am concerned about the message that this vote will be sending to our sons and daughters, as well victims of sexual assault. Therefore, I will be voting no on Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination.
I encourage the President to start a new list of nominees, investigate the individuals on the list thoroughly, and nominate the individual he believes will best serve the interests of justice. The Supreme Court is too important for this process to be rushed.

Thank you again for writing. Please do not hesitate to do so again if ever I can be of assistance to you or your family.

Doug Jones
United States Senator


  1. The hillbillies believed the lies and elected him---I have no sympathies for them. Same as I have no sympathies for Alaskans that elected Murkowski. Live with it bitches.

  2. You voted for the man, therefore to make decisions on behalf of you, sometimes you will agree and sometimes you won't.

    1. One of my Senators is Debbie Stabenow. I have tried to contact her on numerous occasions to give her my input about various issues facing our nation, and have always gotten nothing save a form letter in return. I am not a partisan voter, I tend to vote conservative, but I often have crossed party lines to vote for someone with whom I agree.
      When Carl Levin was our Senator, I wrote to him, to express my support for the Thune amendment. He wrote a personal letter back to me, explaining why he opposed this and would vote no. I wrote him back, thanked him for his response, and told him that I would vote for him as long as he continued to run for the Senate. I explained that while I was completely at odds with his stance on guns, I was able to overlook that issue, simply because he had done the right thing by me and explained why he was voting a certain way. While I no longer support any candidate who is bad on the 2nd amendment, I still consider the fact that my elected officials remember that they are working for us to be important, and Senator Stabenow is nothing but another reliable vote for the Democrat position, no matter what that might be. If a bill came up saying that we should allow the black population to take all the farms from the white owners without compensation, ala South Africa, and the Democrats were in favor of it, she would also vote for it, like a good little drone.
      As for voting for someone to make decisions on our behalf,you must also remember that our elected officials are not just voted for, and then autonomous. They are still responsible to represent the people who elected them, which means that they must listen to us. It seems as if Doug Jones, like many other elected officials, let power go to his head, and made him think he spoke from the mountaintop from a cloud. To that I propose NRA. Never Re-elect Anybody.

    2. Unknown, you and Mike Alexander are mistaken. I did not vote for Jones. The "hillbillies" didn't vote for Jones. The majority of the voters in the 4th Congressional District (the part of Alabama where many "hillbillies" reside) didn't vote for Jones. The problem was big New England money and volunteers from out of state came down and convinced many independents in cities such as Huntsville to vote for Jones. They used the same tactic to smear Judge Roy Moore as the dems used against Kavanaugh (30 year old sexual allegations that cannot be proven either way. Also, there were record numbers of college kids in Tuscaloosa and Auburn who turned out to vote for Jones. Unfortunately, many Republicans stayed home and did not vote. This fact combined with a massive amounts of voter fraud in totally blue areas of Alabama sealed the deal. If we do not get the base out to vote conservative in November the results could be the same.

  3. The best thing to happen to Alabamians was PRESIDENT TRUMPS appointment of Hon. Judge Kavanaugh to the supreme court of these United States of America.

  4. It is kind of cute how people think letters do anything. The political class and the deep state does what it wants to do. It occasionally is forced to take a step back but the over all plan will continue.

    1. grey,
      You might think it is cute when people write to their Senators and Representatives. Myself, I have had luck when contacting my state congress critters. And I don't guess that you have a better method of holding the elected officials accountable to their constituents. Just because that is one method of me being involved with the political process, doesn't mean that it is the only way.
      It has been said that if you are not part of the solution, then you are part of the problem. I choose to be involved, as much as possible. I actually have no opinion as far as what you choose to do. But criticizing those who try to be involved when you don't say what you do to try and bring about change, is a poor tactic. And if you don't vote, then you are even less credible on the topic. You might think that the political class and the deep state controls this country, but I respectfully disagree with you.
      Remember that if you flip a light switch on, in a darkened room, the cockroaches will scurry into hiding. Well, we must continue to flip that light switch on, and let the light shine on the bad faith work that our representatives do, and expose them for the cockroaches they are, if we ever hope to rid the nation of this type of leader. Because there are actually many who would love to do better by the nations people, but are stymied by the leadership in both houses. It is up to the people to clear a path for the good ones, and to kick the bad ones to the curb.

    2. I understand your points. A few years ago I would have agreed. Respectfully I still think it is cute. The point isn't about trying to right the "political process". It's about the process itself, it can't be righted. The long term goal is a totalitarian state. The political class/nwo/globalists have made great progress in the last fifty years to this end state. It's about trends. It isn't about writing a letter.

      Massive government, 22 trillion national debt, perpetual war, national I.D., patriot act, NSA spying, corrupt from top to bottom government, weaponized for political purposes fed enforcement agencies, the fed reserve, the list goes on.

      There might be a chance with Trump. We'll see.

      As far as who the good ones are, that's a matter of opinion. Many people think clinton, obama, shumer, pelosi, mccain, mccaskill et al are "good ones".

      I understand your attacks on non voting and non participation in politics, it is the normal and commonly stated view. And here we are anyway.

      Here is a very good article that points out the absurdity of that common viewpoint by Charley Reese, a well know columnist of a few years ago. I believe he is gone now.

      All the best to you and your continued efforts to fix the political system.

    3. Grey,
      I certainly understand exactly how you feel and agree to much of your disgust with the entire system. However, since it is the only one we have, I think that we are at least obligated to attempt to fix it from the inside, before we decide to start shooting the bastards from the outside. Do I have much hope that things can be fixed? Not at all, I just have to try.
      I do have ideas about the entire government and it's future, based upon the fact that I am a Christian, and believe that the Bible teaches some quite certain endings for this present age. However, I won't bother posting them here, as I understand that this is probably not the best forum for such a discussion. What I will say is that unless by some miracle our nation doesn't return to it's former glory, and go back to the roots upon which we were founded, that being freedom first and most important, then it is simply a matter of time before we are no more.
      I think that it was Abe Lincoln, not my favorite president, by the way, who said that if we were to cease to be a nation, it would not be due to the attacks from without, but by destroying ourselves from within. I may have the quote and the person who said it wrong, but the sentiment seems pretty much right on.
      And while I thank you for your good wishes for fixing the political system, of that I think we can all agree that it is so broken that we need to get politics out of our government, and simply follow the constitution. And I also wish you the best as well. I know that you often have thoughts that are quite helpful and well reasoned. Have a safe weekend.

  5. "The Kavanaugh nomination process has been flawed from the beginning and incomplete at the end."
    How has it been any different than any other justice nomination that the left opposed?

  6. this is what happens when rinos refuse to vote because they don't like their candidate. jones didn't get 50% of the vote and yet he's the senator. for years rinos told conservatives we needed to hold our noses and support the liberal republican to keep democraps from winning. when the shoe is on the other foot these hypocrites screw us.

    1. You are correct Anon. Even though the media did a "hack job" on Moore, the Republicans should have supported, turned out in masse and voted their ticket. Trump initially came out for Mo Brooks and that was a mistake. The National Republican Party, who loathed Trump at that time, left Moore in the lurch, withholding financial support until the last few days of the campaign, even after Trump sided with him. Moore was a lightning rod, but he is a true conservative. I really hate that he wasn't elected. He may have been tougher on the MSM than the Donald. It would have been "entertaining".

  7. how bout the rino's in alabama support their candidate in 2020 so this pos can be sent back to the hole he came out of.

  8. I am so damn sick of hearing about RINOS. That whole election was a shit show. Ignore the issues of sexual impropriety. Roy Moore was twice reprimanded by the AL ethics committee for not following court orders. He was suspended from the bench. As a judge, he was obligated to obey a SCOTUS decision, regardless of how he feels about it. We can’t bitch about Dem sanctuary cities if we do the same shit.

    Roy Moore represented all the bad things about the “good ol boy” South. The corruption, favoritism, and connections.

    There are a lot of Republicans that could of upheld Republican values that didn’t come with the ten tons of baggage that Moore did. The AL GOP humped the dog by not nipping Moore in the bud and getting anyone better.

    I won’t vote for Jones, and I want to vote against him in 2020. But I expect the AL GOP to find someone who is not a corrupt POS with a history of ethics violations.

    I’m proud of Alabama as being part of the “New South” as a manufacturing and tech hot spot. I’d totally support a Republican who touts our new business friendly climate. I don’t want somebody that make us look like we’re going backwards.

    1. I will agree that Moore came with some baggage (real and fabricated). I also agree with the fact that the state GOP should have early on found a more "viable" candidate, but the fact remained that Moore was the nominee. I had rather of had two years of Roy Moore than two years of Doug Jones, but it is what it is.

    2. I'm not so sure. If the AL GOP gets the message that they need to run someone good, I'd rather have an easy defeat of Jones than a reelection of Moore.

    3. I agree Jacob, but as I stated earlier, Moore was the nominee. I think the state GOP leaders liked the fact that early on Moore was energizing the base, but once the mudslinging started they distanced themselves from Moore.There were a lot of mistakes made by different factions in this campaign and the end result was the liberal Jones. I sure hope we have a better selection of candidates in the future.

  9. So, in other words, go screw yourselves...

    1. Yes. Jones was basically saying, "I am Chuck Schumer's mini-senator and have zero obligations to the people of Alabama".


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