Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Back In The Good Ol' Days........


  1. Ha! That GIF reminds me of my buddy's bachelor party. He got really wasted and passed out very early, so we threw him into the bed of my pickup. I ended up staying with him for a number of hours to make sure that he didn't die or anything. Finally went in and got one of the guys to follow me to the groom-to-be's house to put him to bed since it was getting cold outside. He was bouncing and rolling around pretty much like that the whole way home. We dumped him in bed and waited around until his fiance came home to babysit him. When I saw him at work on Monday he asked me how he got the lump on his forehead and all the bruises on his body. I laughed and told him that he got too up close and personal with the stripper and she beat the hell out of him. I didn't tell him the real story until a day later...................

  2. Back in the Good Old days there would have been empty beer cans flying out of the back.
    I kid you not, back in the early 80's I had a 67 Ford 1/2 ton short narrow bed and that thing always had a bunch of empty beer cans in it. I would toss them out the window and the wind would flip them into the bed.
    After a while, I would be toolin' down the road in it and keep seeing shit in the rear view out of the corner of my eye and it would be beer cans floating in the air and tumbling around.

    I would look around for cops and traffic and if the coast was clear I would hit the gas. At about 60-65 there would be a stream of empty beer cans flying out of the back of the sonofabitch and I would run it until it was empty.

    Yeah, I'm a real Redneck, thank you very much.


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