Saturday, January 28, 2017

Meanwhile.. In California....




 Someone Drove Out on the North Jetty During a High Surf Advisory and, Yeah, Had to Be Airlifted the Hell Out of There



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  1. That jetty is made of giant concrete blocks for a reason. In the town of Crescent City, all the downtown streets have signs prominently pointing out the "Tsunami evacuation route." That coast is wild. I should live there.

  2. I hope they charged him for the rescue.

    Shoulda turned around after the first wave moved his truck.....actually well before then.

    I assume his truck was washed off the jetty?

  3. And this: “I thought he might be was suicidal until I saw the Arkansas plates,” Whiteside told us while reviewing his footage with us. “He just didn’t know.”
    No sea or tide or swell there in Arkansas. I hope he had insurance on his truck. I wonder if they call him Bubba back home.

  4. It takes a special kind of idiot not to realize how powerful water/waves and the sheer force that several dozen or hundred tons of water can bring.

  5. "It'll be OK. I have four-wheel drive."


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